Thursday, March 10, 2011

p r o f i l i n g : k e l l y . w e a r s t l e r

ok, so kelly's been around for a while, but i've loved her since day one and i just had to do a blog on her. sure, her style may not always be my taste, but her eccentricity keeps me interested. her perspective is just so fresh each time she presents a new design, and thennn it gets emulated by the masses and kinda loses its appeal (trellis!!)... but still she always comes back with something exciting. basically, she's just the type of girl that if she says it's cool to use giant, gold hands as your office guest chairs, i'm tempted to believe her.

*ps. rumor is, before she was KWID, she was a playmate. i choose to ignore this part of her past, because it totally makes me look at her differently...

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  1. I love her personal style as well as her designs. Her new blog is a fun insight to her life and work :