Friday, April 29, 2011

s t a y . s t r o n g . t u s c a l o o s a

if you didn't already know, i'm from tuscaloosa, alabama. the town known for its winning football team... its great southern community... and now for its devastation. on wednesday, it was completely torn apart by the largest tornado i've ever seen- and the damage it left for the locals is completely disheartening. being three hours away now, i was shaken to my core to watch the footage of the storm, so i can only imagine how terrifying it must have been to witness it. if you haven't already and would like to donate anything, please find a way to (if you have any questions, message me!)- and, if you can't give anything right now, at least send some positive thoughts or prayers their way. they sure could use it!! my heart is with you t-town! i hope you have a wonderful weekend and take a little extra time to appreciate what you have. -mm

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