Thursday, February 17, 2011

c o m e . t o . m y . w i n d o w

so, today was the prettiest sunset nashville has seen since 2010 as far as i'm concerned. driving home from work with this streaming onto my dash, i was a happy soul. i took these shots from my bedroom window, so glad it stayed long enough for me get home and enjoy for a minute.

so, this is my first post and i'm aware i skipped the whole introducing myself. basically all you need to know about me is that these kind of things (pretty colors saturating the sky) are what make me smile, so that's what i'll be blogging about. cool? ok, good. now, let's do the damn thing.

*oh, and please excuse these slightly blurry photos they were taken quickly from my iPhone- i'll do better next time


  1. Ello Mere
    I'm just loving the blog, can you explain the name!?
    love your fabo roomie, Cow

  2. Thanks, cow! It's my birthday- and just my lucky numbers! i just wanted something simple and easy!