Sunday, February 20, 2011

m a r k e t s .

last thursday night, i had the great opportunity to attend the nashville antiques and garden show's preview party. each booth was so unique and offered so many one-of-a-kind treasures that i can only dream of buying one day. from jewelry to art to grand-scale furniture pieces this show had it all- seriously, i was so fortunate to see everything before the buying started.

because the event was set more as a cocktail party, i felt a little inappropriate snapping photos. i'm pretty bummed that i wasn't sneaky enough to get more, but above are a couple of glimpses into the show. some highlights of my night were the chambord vodka cocktails they were serving (of course), walking alongside sheryl crow at one point, and seeing the fabulous miss suzanne kasler prancing around the nashville convention center in her louboutins (she looked ferosh!).

ok, so back to business. this weekend, i made my way to the nashville tailgate antique show. it was a little bit more low-key (think: glorified flea market), but it was still fabulous. it's four buildings filled with all sorts of good stuff. the best part of going to things like this is making conversation with the vendors. they're all characters and filled with such passion for selling their items. this lady was a favorite:

what a model, huh?

on to the actual photos that you may be interested in... 

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